Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mother dear I love you so!

There's nothing better than having your own mother come for a visit. I've lived in Ireland for two years, and this is my mother's first visit to Ireland. I am so happy that she arrived today so that we can show her our Ireland home. I have been telling myself, when my Mom comes to Ireland I'll have to remember to show her... and the list is long!

Day 1

Mom arrived to the Cork airport this morning. She looked great, and was happy to be done flying. She started in Salt Lake City, then went to Dallas, Texas. She then went from there to London Heathrow, and finally made her way to Cork, Ireland.

We took her home and she had gifts for everyone. Her main checked luggage was completely full of surprises for us all. It was very generous, and it felt a bit like Christmas!

Then we went to church, and we were late. But after I did sharing time, we left and headed back for home. Afterwards, we had a delicious Sunday dinner and then decided to take off to see Rocky Bay Beach. That was really fun. We had races in the sand, and we found sea creatures living on the rocks with their sea shells still intact. I love finding empty sea shells and adding them to our collection, but seeing how the creatures lived in them added a new level of love I have for them.

We played board games, well my mother has played and played board games with the boys, I did join in for one game of SORRY, but now after we have read scriptures and got the boys to bed I am relaxing in my room listening to my boys giggle away as my mom tells them stories and reads them books. It would be so nice to have her around all the time, but I guess she already raised her children and seven is a lot!

I am really looking forward to this week of fun. I have so many ideas of what to do and see, and hopefully we get it all done and that my Mom has a wonderful time in Ireland. Knowing my Mom, we could just do nothing, and she would think it was the best week ever! I love my Mom, her energy, her love of life, and her deep commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Her testimony and determination to teach all her children the gospel gave me a great foundation wherewith I have grown my own testimony and knowledge that Christ lives, He loves us, and that I am a member of His restored gospel. I feel so blessed to have a testimony of this, and to have a relationship not only with my Savior, but also my Heavenly Father. I feel of His love, and I know he is there, listens and answers my prayers... I truly feel that I am a child of God.

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