Monday, November 9, 2015


During the middle of Mom's visit, Stan and I went to Australia for 9 days. We had such a great time together, eating out, looking at all sorts of real estate, finding schools for our boys to attend, and just getting adjusted to what will be our new life.


I still cannot believe this is really happening! Our new apartment is lovely. It has excellent harbor views. We are going to live right on Darling Harbor at King's Street Wharf, downtown Sydney. It also has a private, salt water, heated, outdoor pool. I am really excited about swimming everyday with my boys! And the gym will be an added bonus! When the boys go to bed at night, I can slip downstairs and get a work out in, maybe a quick swim in the pool, and Stan will be there to babysit. We found a wonderful little school, and to get there from our house we'll take the ferry everyday together. I could not ask for a better way to travel to and from school than a boat ride---my boys love boats!

We are off on a new adventure. Not only is Australia on the opposite side of the earth, Sydney is exactly opposite from Ireland. We're North, Sydney is South. We are West and Sydney is East. If you took a globe, and put your finger on Ireland the opposite spot on the world globe would be New Zealand, right next to Sydney, Australia.

Calling home will be more difficult because Utah will be 16 hours behind Sydney. So If I called home on a Saturday morning it would be Friday late afternoon there. When we flew to Australia from Ireland it was rough. We took three airplanes like we do when traveling to Utah, but instead of three relatively short plane rides (which are still extremely difficult especially with three little ones) each plane ride becomes much longer. I calculated that we were actually in the air 24 hours, plus then you have to add in layovers and with the time change you completely lose a day, and you are traveling for about 34-36 hours. It was exhausting with just Stan and I, and I am not looking forward to doing it with the boys. We just got home from traveling to and from Paris, and that was an 1h 30m flight where William screamed the entire time. People were upset and grumpy all around us, and I just kept thinking, "you people should not complain, this is a short flight, feel sorry for those who will travel with us from Ireland to Australia!"

Our car just sold to a nice family, they are about to have another baby girl in a few weeks so needed a larger car. My seven seater will be just the thing. I actually cried as I watched it drive away. It is all becoming so real, it's so strange. The sun is just beginning to set, the shadows are deep, the sky is still bright and it's been a lovely warm day. But there's a chill in the air, summer is over and fall is here. It's ironic that it's now September and we're moving. September for me has always meant change. A new school year, new friends, teachers, experiences... and this time a new life. We moved to Ireland late September two years ago, and now we move again in September to Sydney. This will be my biggest move ever. I've lived in Utah and California USA, London England, Paris France, Cork Ireland, and now Sydney Australia. A new life, a new country, and new continent. Wish us luck!

Here are some photos from my first trip to Australia with Stan. We had a great time together!

Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW

 Airport in Singapore

First Morning in Sydney crossing the bridge on Darling Harbor. We ended up signing the lease for the very first place we visited. Who knew everything else would be a nightmare to lease or scary or not in the right neighborhood...

We found my new favorite breakfast spot. We went there to eat breakfast a few times! The hot chocolate, the freshly squeezed orange juice, and the roasted granola with fresh yogurt and fruit was simply the best thing I've ever eaten.

Eating outside right on Darling Harbor. It's going to be nice!


  1. So glad you finally posted pics! Looks amazing. And what a dream to go on a trip with out the kids. It must have been like a second honeymoon. We look forward to visiting Australia. Hopefully you can show us around.

    1. It was really nice! We'd love to show you around when you come. We'd love to see Singapore too ...if we get the chance.