Monday, November 9, 2015


Life in Sydney, Australia so far has been one big party. The boys think we are on holiday, and that our new apartment is our hotel. I keep telling them this is our new home, so they call it our "hotel-house". I guess if I was little and my parents took me swimming in the pool almost everyday, went to the zoo, wild animal park, aquarium, and the arcade I would think I was on holiday too. I guess since we are waiting for the paperwork to go through so that Gregory and George can start school, I have acted like we are on vacation, and just tried to make this transition smooth. The boys love it, and they have been such great supports to me.

On the weekends, we have visited a couple of beaches. We are loving the warm water and beautiful sandy beaches in Australia. We cannot wait to discover everything that Australia has to offer, and I think we are going to have a wonderful adventure living here.

I love fireworks, and here on Darling Harbor, they fire off fireworks every Saturday night. It has been a fun family outing to walk down to the harbor, which is just minutes from our home, and see the fireworks go off. We are truly blessed and life is pretty amazing for us right now. I miss my family and friends in America, Ireland, and other places around the world. But I have to say that living in Sydney is a great opportunity, and I am going to live it up!

 This is the view from the bird show at the Taronga Zoo. They have such a lovely view at the zoo!

The beach.

George is feeding a kangaroo!

Gregory is petting a kangaroo!

Glad our new friends showed us this cool place, and just a five minute walk from our home. The boys were able to touch all sorts of animals: a snake and kangaroo and I forgot the name of the other little animal they touched, but I believe they said it was related to a wombat and kangaroo.

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