Monday, November 9, 2015

Luna Park

Yes, this is the view from Luna Park. This bridge is what Stan takes to and from work each day. We live on one side and he works on the other. The train as well as cars go across this bridge. Stan takes the train each day, it's about a 20 minute commute. I think the Sydney Opera House is very lovely as well. I am looking forward to going there to see some theatrical performance. The green and yellow boat in the photo is the Ferry that we take each day to go to and from school. We also take the Ferry to go to Luna Park, Taronga Zoo, and Manly Beach.

We had a great day at Luna Park! This place is only a 15 minute ferry ride from our house. It's the same ferry that takes us to the boys school each day. It's just another two stops and we're there. We got a year membership so we can go all the time. I think after collecting the boys from school, we can just go to the park for an hour or two before dinner. I have a feeling that the boys will want to go everyday they can! There are rides fun for every age level, and Gregory especially loves it because he is tall enough to do everything, and he literally went on every adult ride that he could go on. He is very brave! There are plenty of rides for George and William so everyone is very happy. My favorite thing to do are go on the giant slides. They provide rugs that you must use and they make you go very quickly and it's so fun. I love Sydney!

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