Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Taronga Zoo by day, Darling Harbour Fireworks by night.

One of my happy places in Sydney is Taronga Zoo. It is paradise, it has the most beautiful views, it's massive, and full of wonderful animals. We have gone so many times now that I have lost count, and today was another afternoon at Taronga Zoo. We love all the different things that are offered at the zoo. We've enjoyed the bird, spider, and seal shows and all the animal encounters. Also, the zoo has a few parks inside that the boys can play at. Some of these parks include water features.

It was a beautiful hot sunny day, and for whatever reason we had the zoo to ourselves. It was awesome for the boys to play and roam without many others there.

The view from my bedroom

Water features at the parks inside of Taronga Zoo!

The views at the zoo are amazing. The giraffes especially have a lovely one!

Trying to catch the wild lizards, bunnies, turkeys, and birds that roam free at Taronga Zoo!

Saturday nights we often find ourselves close to home, outside watching the fireworks at Darling Harbour. This past week, the minions were there too!

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  1. Glad you guys are turning into zoo people. You will have to do all the zoos in Singapore when you visit :-). Your view looks lovely. You are so lucky to be living in Sydney! And Minions. Love those silly little creatures. My kids would be super jealous if they saw this pic.