Sunday, February 21, 2016

New Years Eve Australia

I literally had two New Year's in 2015. Our first New Year's Eve was in Australia celebrating on observatory hill overlooking the harbour and both sets of fireworks (9pm and midnight). We didn't have to wake up too early, because our flight left New Year's midday. Then we traveled to the USA, and in doing so went back in time and were able to celebrate another New Years Eve on the airplane and another New Year's Day in Utah with family. It was memorable! I really had a great time. I love fireworks, and last year we spent New Years in London... so I didn't think we ever could top that, and in ways we didn't. London is amazing and spending New Year's Eve under Big Ben was truly a dream for me. This year, however, we were able to spend it in Sydney, Australia. It was warm because it was summer here, and that was lovely. We sat on a grassy hill with blankets and popcorn and we just had a nice relaxing night watching the amazing views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the harbour itself and the city behind it. The boats in the harbour did a little dance with lights, and they also had a plane show for us as we awaited for the fireworks. The 9pm fireworks were awesome and were for families like ours who didn't want to wait up to midnight with children. But we wanted to see it all. Our kiddos fell asleep after the 9pm show and we had to wake them up for the midnight fireworks. I had a really good time. We walked home from with the masses to our Sydney apartment. I was glad we lived so close to everything. The cars were so backed up I'm sure it would have taken hours to get out of the city, as it were it only took us 15 minutes to walk home.

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