Sunday, March 27, 2016


Illawarra is a beautiful rain forest, about a two hour drive south of Sydney. We went there for a day trip to enjoy some nature and get outside of the city. It was a good day for us. We all had a really fun time together. Sometimes when we go out for an adventurous day, things don't work out and it ends up not being that fun, but this was not like that. We all were having a fun time together and it was a needed break from our life in the city. It's amazing that someone built this tree top walkway. In a couple of weeks, we are coming back to go zip lining, and we cannot wait! The boys get a sixteen day break in April, so we are trying to plan some fun things to do. One will be zip lining!

This tower, Knight's Tower, is built up on the walkway which is already high up from the forest floor. It was a bit scary walking up this narrow stairway up above the tree line, but it was also beautiful and well worth the 106 stair climb. We took William out of his stroller so he could stretch his legs and enjoy the experience with us!

This photo gives you a good view of how high the walk way is. Not only is it high above the ground, but it is also very long. I kept thinking that we had found the end, but it was just a dead end and we had to backtrack and bit and the walkway would continue in a different direction.

We came back about a month later to do the zipline. It was really amazing! So glad we came back. Here's a video of our zipline adventure.

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  1. Really cool. I have an idea for your break in April, come to Singapore! Happy Easter!