Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SHARK!?! My Fish Story

A couple weeks ago, we decided to drive down to Bundeena to have a day on the beach away from Sydney and the city life. It such a beautiful beach, and you can only get to it by train then a ferry or a two hour drive, forty minutes of it driving through a national forest. I've done it both ways, and time wise it's about the same two hours from our city apartment. The point is that this place is remote and just a different beach environment. Swimming in this bay is lovely, the water is warmer, the waves are not big at all, and it is a cozy little spot.

So here we were, swimming in the water, when a group of teens not far from us start yelling S H A R K !!! Panic rushed through me. This is my fear, to be attacked by a shark while swimming in these wild Australian waters. The great white shark is not something to fool with, and I had two of my sons with me. I grabbed each of them, and with some unknown strength, I was able to drag them and me out of the water very quickly. As soon as I knew we were safe, out of the water, I spun around and there it was, a large, black fin in the ocean water not far from where we were swimming. I could not believe it. Stan didn't believe me either until he saw the fin for himself.

We ran along the beach following the black fin but as it left the bay I no longer could see it. I asked some other onlookers and they said it was probably a dolphin, not a shark. Either way, it was pretty amazing, and I learned a good lesson. Don't swim in the ocean near sunset, and at beaches where there isn't a net. If a dolphin could get there so could a shark, and who knows it could have been one!

Just living around Sydney and all the water, we have seen a lot of animals and fish swimming freely in the ocean. We have seen a black fin, most likely a dolphin, two playful Humpback whales, a sting ray, jellyfish all over Darling Harbour, and lots of little fish.

 Making snow angles, I mean "sand angels" on the beach at Bundeena.

Loving the sunset on this gorgeous beach!

A few days later, I captured this gorgeous sunset from my balcony at the apartment in Sydney. There isn't a filter or anything on this photo. It just is what it is... so incredible!

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