Saturday, May 21, 2016

Whale Watching

Ever since we first moved to Sydney, I have been excited to take a whale watching cruise out to open water and see the Humpback whales migrate from Antarctica to Northern Queensland. Just off the coast, East of Sydney is the migration path for these big, beautiful whales. They migrate from the end of May to September. We were lucky to be able to get out to the deep blue sea and see these incredible animals. Normally these whales don't show off too much and just move through the water normally coming up every 2-10 minutes for air. However, we were able to find two Humpback whales that were in a fun, playful mood. I was able to take some good video of them swimming and playing in the water. The highlight for me was when one of the whales actually breached the water which means it came straight up, head first, it was amazing! It looked just like the photos below.

I didn't catch this on film, but I did catch some other pretty amazing footage of the Humpback whales playing and showing off their stuff just near our boat.

The only bad part of this trip was that I got very sea sick, and I was alone with the three boys. Gregory and George were amazing. They obeyed me well, and helped their sea sick Mum. William was more difficult, but he enjoyed seeing the whales. He kept calling them sharks! In the mix of seeing and filming, I was also throwing up my guts into the bags provided. Let's just say, I went threw a couple. I am grateful that we had such a great showing, because even though I absolutely loved seeing the whales, I don't think I will get on another boat that travels out to the open sea for a long, long while.


  1. So incredible!!! I'm sorry you got sick. Why does it have to happen at the worst times? Sydney looks like such an amazing place. You are so lucky. Xx

    1. I know! I was so sick and that part wasn't fun at all ha ha, but yeah it was amazing! I love animals and I couldn't believe how big they were. Did you make it home to Tennessee?

  2. Not yet. We are spending some time in Seattle with my sister.

  3. This looks like an excellent tour. Your boys truly had such an enjoyable outing, although I'm sorry you got sick. You're lucky the boys didn't get sick too. You should try wrist bands next time you sail to prevent sickness. This is the sort of memory your sons will remember for many years. I'm glad the whales performed for you.