Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Celebrating 9 Years of Marriage

June seems to be a busy month, and each year celebrating our anniversary is put on the back burner. The last few years, we haven't even mentioned it, and so this year I wanted to celebrate. Stan and I have been going to lunch together while the older boys are at school. We go maybe twice a month. So the week after our anniversary, we went on a lunch date to a lovely Italian restaurant on King Street Wharf to celebrate our anniversary. William was with us, and surprisingly behaved very well. We ordered all sorts of yummy food, and I tried some new dishes and it was nice. Even though we just went to lunch, it was fun to talk about the past nine years, what we have accomplished, and what our goals are moving forward. Something that I love about our relationship is that we love to talk. Stan and I can sit and just chat away for hours. We think and rethink everything, and make plans for what we want in life, and we know how to have fun together. These past three years living abroad have been really wonderful. Stan and I haven't had family around to spend time with, so we depend upon "just us" and our relationship has truly fortified and strengthened. What a blessing it has been! Stan I love you, thank you for living life with me, for being one hundred percent committed to me, for loving me in my good and bad moments, and for making me a mother. I'm a lucky girl.

It's been a Wild Ride 😘 These first 9 years have been amazing!!! Happy Anniversary Stan Nelson.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Soccer on Saturdays

The soccer season here in Australia is about six months long. When I registered the boys to play, I had no idea what I was signing up for, and now I am so glad that we made that decision for our boys to play. Soccer is such a huge part of life here. Gregory plays soccer every day during his yard time at school, and the boys both have made some amazing friends and feel very included since joining soccer. School holidays are in one week, and we just signed the boys up for soccer camp with their school friends. They will be playing soccer all day for three days next week and they are very excited.

At the beginning of the soccer season, both Gregory and George were a bit timid, but after a few weeks they began to gain confidence and their natural athletic abilities kicked in and they are both amazing soccer players. George has begun to score, the last three games he has scored at least one goal per game and he is so thrilled. Gregory normally plays defence and midfield so hasn't had many opportunities to score this year. However, this past Saturday, their main scorer was on holiday, so Gregory had the chance to play up. It was a close game, and with only five minutes to go the score was tied 1-1. Gregory had the ball, and he manoeuvred passed a few players and took a shot at goal.... and it went in!!!! Everyone was so happy. Gregory scored the winning goal and their team won the game! It was a very happy day for Gregory and George! They both played so well. We love soccer!

Gregory and George are very good soccer players, and this video shows off some of their skills. Plus they both scored goals! I didn't get good footage, but it gives you an idea! I'm proud that they both try so hard, and give it their best! Soccer has taught them to never give up, try and try again, and to be happy if you win or lose.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Gregory's Birthday, 8 is Great!

Gregory turned eight this month, and it's so weird to think that my baby boy is this old! Gregory has just become the best boy. He is so responsible and reasonable! He has always been a great boy, but it is amazing to watch Gregory grow up and become so incredible, caring, and an understanding person. He can now make rash decisions and understands why we don't get everything we want, and the importance of sacrifice, feeling the Holy Ghost on his own and developing his own testimony. He comprehends that we make choices that will better our lives and that bad decisions will take us down a different path. He has a great desire to do what is right, make decisions that positively affects others as well as himself, and wants everyone around him to be happy. Gregory is a fun boy. He is excited about life, and wants to make memories and have fun with his family and friends. Everyone loves Gregory. He has a great ability to just "fit in" and make friends as we have travelled and moved around the world. Gregory has been such a good sport about everything, and has been my rock for the last eight years. Gregory, we love you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Stan was in charge of decorating and he did a GREAT job! I loved how beautiful it all turned out.

 Gregory invited all the boys from his school class and from his soccer team. We had a great turn out and the boys had a great time together. We had a party at our home in Sydney. We ate cake and ice cream and opened up presents before heading to the Darling Harbour laser tag centre. It was an adventure getting the boys to and from laser tag, but it was fun too. The boys really loved playing laser tag, and I know Gregory and George had a good time. We had Stan and Chris (Gregory's soccer coach) play as well so there was one adult leader on each team. Overall, it was a great day!