Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Celebrating 9 Years of Marriage

June seems to be a busy month, and each year celebrating our anniversary is put on the back burner. The last few years, we haven't even mentioned it, and so this year I wanted to celebrate. Stan and I have been going to lunch together while the older boys are at school. We go maybe twice a month. So the week after our anniversary, we went on a lunch date to a lovely Italian restaurant on King Street Wharf to celebrate our anniversary. William was with us, and surprisingly behaved very well. We ordered all sorts of yummy food, and I tried some new dishes and it was nice. Even though we just went to lunch, it was fun to talk about the past nine years, what we have accomplished, and what our goals are moving forward. Something that I love about our relationship is that we love to talk. Stan and I can sit and just chat away for hours. We think and rethink everything, and make plans for what we want in life, and we know how to have fun together. These past three years living abroad have been really wonderful. Stan and I haven't had family around to spend time with, so we depend upon "just us" and our relationship has truly fortified and strengthened. What a blessing it has been! Stan I love you, thank you for living life with me, for being one hundred percent committed to me, for loving me in my good and bad moments, and for making me a mother. I'm a lucky girl.

It's been a Wild Ride 😘 These first 9 years have been amazing!!! Happy Anniversary Stan Nelson.

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