Sunday, July 17, 2016

School Holidays End of Term 2

The past 18 days have been school holidays. Between each term the boys get about 18 days off to relax and just enjoy a break from school. We try and have some fun. The first three days of the break we enrolled them in a all-day soccer camp. I would drop them off at 9am and collect them at 3pm. I could not believe how much they enjoyed play soccer for six hours a day for three days, but they did. Soccer has become their thing here in Sydney. Here they are with some of their school friends at the Balmain District Football Club.

Thursday, after soccer camp was finished, we went swimming at the Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre. I was lucky to have a friend (Stephanie) come with me, because it's kinda crazy swimming in this huge place alone with three active boys. 

Then Friday it was a cold and rainy day, so we decided to use our passes to Jungle Buddies. I already blogged about how fun they had and here's the video I made of them having fun. We were literally the last people there. 

The second week of school holidays we went to Luna Park with another friend Melissa. She has been my running buddy and I hung out with her sister a lot when we lived in Cork, Ireland. Melissa left Friday to go to Hawaii then to Idaho to attend her sister's wedding. So it was good to spend an afternoon together before she left for her next adventures in life. 

It was a beautiful, sunny day and the boys were all in a great mood, and we just had fun together. I have really enjoyed Luna Park this past year. We have been there many, many times. It is so easy to jump on the Ferry and in a few stops you're literally at the front gates of Luna Park. I never have to try to convince them to go, they always want to play there!  

This time it was especially cool because George's name was picked from a gigantic top hat with probably 100 names in it, and so was given the opportunity to turn on the lights at Luna Park. It was very cool.

We also had a play date with some friends from the boys' school. We met at Kingpin bowling in Darling Harbour and did a round of bowling, then played at the arcade centre, then went out for pizza and ice cream. It was a really fun afternoon/evening. The boys were really appreciative and kind. It feels good to have the boys tell me over and over again as we were walking home how amazing I am as a mother! They truly were so grateful that I had spent the whole day playing with them, and it was a really fun way to end the week. Even though we didn't leave and go away for this school hols, we did have a wonderful time together and our stay-cation was really good. 

I love my boys so much. I am grateful that we had such a good time together these past two weeks. I will miss them very much as they must return to school next week. X


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