Thursday, August 25, 2016

George and the SPIDER

We've had a bizarre month. It's been both good and bad. I haven't had time to blog about the ups and downs, so today I'm going to reminisce. 

George and the Spider

I received a call Monday midday from the school stating that George had been stung by a bee. I told the school that he wasn't allergic and that I would come and collect him from school. When I got there, George was acting completely normal and so I didn't think much of it. Every kid gets stung by a bee in their childhood. I certainly did.

The next day George's arm was a bit swollen, but nothing to worry over so I sent him to school. He was fine and didn't mind going to school on Tuesday. When I picked the boys up from school, George's arm had ballooned up! It was shocking how big it had become since the morning. I took him in to the after hours clinic and the doctor there gave us some meds and a note to take him to the ER if things kept getting worse. Unfortunately they did. The next morning, George's infection had continued to go up his arm and into his hand and fingers. After a few hours hours debating if we should take him into the ER we decided best be safe than sorry and Stan came home from work to watch Gregory and William while I took George into the children's hospital in Randwick. 

When we arrived the lobby was full of other patients waiting to be seen, but after a few looks from the secretary at the ER, a nurse came and took a look at George while I was filling out the paperwork at the front and paying the co-payment. Before I had finished, the ER nurse had drawn a line around the swelling on George's arm and placed numbing cream on his hand and elbow pit prepping these areas for an IV. We didn't have to wait in the lobby, we were taken back to the ER immediately, and as soon as the numbing cream was effective, George had an IV in his arm. 

They pumped him with lots of antibiotics and determined that George hadn't been stung by a bee, but most-likely he had been bitten by a spider. This spider bite had caused a bacterial infection that was spreading and it needed to be stopped. George had an IV in Wednesday, Thursday, and they took it out Friday evening. 

George was sent home with oral antibiotics for another week, and now has made a full recovery! It was a bit scary but he is doing well now. 

Playtime with Daddy

Stan spent a lot of time with the boys because I was in the hospital with George. William is very connected to his daddy, and they loved dressing up and pretending to be superheros! 

Gregory was a good sport and helped his Daddy and William have a good time at home. Can you see Gregory's tooth growing in? That tooth was taken out when Gregory was only 18 months old. He hasn't had a tooth there for most of his life, it is good to see it come in!


And after playing together, snuggles are in order! William loves his Daddy!


Costco runs are have become more regular in August because I didn't have time to shop at multiple places and look for the good deals, I needed to buy in bulk and have food at our home.

William and Me

We spent one morning at the park. It was a lovely morning, I had just dropped off the two older boys off at school, and I thought it would be nice to spend the morning with William. We started off at the bakery in Balmain and got William some finger buns which are basically freshly baked bread rolls with icing and sparkles on top. Kids love them, and they are a touch healthier than doughnuts.

Family Fun

A much needed family weekend. We needed to have some fun as a family, and so we did. One of our favourite places to go is the Zoo. Our passes end in September, so we want to go a few more times before then. We have fallen in love with the zoo, and it has been a place where we can relax and just have fun together as a family. I love Taronga Zoo!

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  1. I'm so glad George's arm is better! So crazy! And I cannot wait to go to the zoo with you guys. We will be there a week from Tuesday! I hope that September is a month with more ups than downs. xx