Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains

During our visit to the blue mountains, we spent one afternoon hiking to Wentworth Falls.  

Wentworth Falls was a beautiful place, and a great hike for our family. It was somewhat difficult, so William rode on Stan's shoulders the entire hike. Gregory and George did well. They are both a bit afraid of heights, so they made sure to keep away from the cliff's edge. 

 Here's a view from the top looking down at the beginning of the hike.

This again is the falls from the top. At the beginning of the hike you can see the falls. The hike then takes you down to the base or at the bottom of the falls.

Here is the view of the Blue Mountains right before we began hiking.

Here are my boys! William got the best deal on his daddy's shoulders. He's not too heavy yet, so Stan was able to hike with William without too much trouble. Gregory really enjoyed hiking. He's now eight, and this hike was easy for him. He really enjoyed it and was able to keep up with Dad.

I love taking selfies with my boys!

George! Love this boy! He conquered his fear of heights and completed the hike. I think he was glad he did it too!

Here is a little falls that we found as we were hiking along the trail. The falls came into a small pool of water that we crossed. This pool of water eventually runs off the cliff's edge and forms Wentworth Falls.

Here is the water falling off the cliff forming Wentworth Falls.

We made it to the bottom! Here is the water coming off the cliffs! The wind was spraying the water everywhere. Wentworth Falls is absolutely beautiful.

I love this photo! These people are my world, and what a fun world to live in!

A hiker was happy enough to take this family photo and it turned out well. I love this photo.  

Family selfie!

Gregory posing for the camera at the base of Wentworth Falls. He's adorable!

Starting the hike back up to the top. It was much easier coming down, but we did okay hiking up hundreds of stairs.

These stairs are steep and somewhat intimidating--- But we did it!

We made it back to the top again! We did so before the sun set, and that was our goal. I wouldn't want to be hiking on this steep and slippery path with small children in the dark. The lighting was beautiful for this hike, and the photos don't even do it justice. It was really beautiful. Living in the city, it's important to get away and be in nature when you can. There's something so fulfilling and needed about hiking in gorgeous mountains away from the hustle and bustle of a large city. I am a city girl, and I love Sydney, but it's good to get away as well and enjoy the beautiful nature that God has given us.

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