Monday, November 28, 2016

Swimming in Sydney in the Summer

We still love swimming at our pool. It is something that the boys still love and get excited about even though we have swam there for the last 15 months. I'm glad to see that my boys still love the water and are taking advantage of having a pool. When the day comes and we move again, we will miss our warm afternoons swimming in Sydney at our city apartment pool.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

William is 3 here in Sydney---Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy. I cannot believe he's three! William was born in Ireland and has lived overseas his entire life. He is my little buddy, he still loves to snuggle, gives the best hugs and kisses, and loves everyone and everything! He is always there to lift my spirits, and brings sunshine to my soul! He is a remarkable boy, and has his daddy wrapped around his finger! Happy Birthday William. 

William's birthday was a great day. We celebrated him with a family fun day, and tried to give all our attention to him. We didn't have a formal party with friends, but kept it special and had a lot of family time together. We went to a park, opened up gifts, ate a lot of birthday cake and just played together. We sang to William Happy Birthday so many times that I lost count. I know that William felt loved and special and I hope he had a wonderful third birthday.

William is such an amazing boy. He is kind. He is smart. He loves everyone, and everyone loves him.

This park is awesome, it's one we don't get to often because its a good 45 minute drive from our home. It has some really fun things to do, and a cool water portion but it was too cold to get wet on William's birthday this year. We will be back on a warmer summer day. However, there were many things to do, and the boys had fun together. They basically had the park to themselves.

I think we did well as far as presents are concerned. William just loved everything we gave him this year. He got a new T-Rex, a Tonka truck, sand toys, and a yellow car.

This is a big cake for such a three year old, but I couldn't help myself. William loves dinosaurs and everyone ate cake for the next few days so the celebrating and sugar highs continued!

Love you William Everest Nelson! Hope you had a great day! X

Friday, November 18, 2016

George's Birthday in Australia

George is 6! 

Happy Birthday beautiful boy! Can you see the joy he has for life?! He brightens my day & brings peace to my soul, happy happy 6th birthday George! 

George is now six years old. What a fun age to be. George started school this year in January, because that's how they do it here in Australia. The beginning of the school year is the end of January. So he has been going to school all year, and "kindy" or kindergarten is all day. So he has been going to 6 hours of school all year long, and he has done so well.

George also enjoys playing soccer. He has been playing on two different teams and between the two has played all year long. He has also trained and plays summer soccer on Gregory's team. Even though he is much younger, he is as tall as many of the boys and has done a great job!

George has learned to read this year. He really enjoys reading and writing. He loves to play computer games, Pokemon cards, and Xbox games, and of course wants to play with my phone. He is very bright, and always is learning new things. He loves going swimming in our pool, and we swim 2-3 times a week when the weather is nice. He also enjoys getting out of the house and playing at parks, swimming at the Sydney Olympic Aquatic Centre, and absolutely loves going to the arcade.

George wanted a big party this year, so we invited everyone in his school class, and they all came! It was a big group 20 children, but we had lots of games and activities planned and we kept them well fed which did help. We had a pizza party, then cake, then ice cream at the end. And everyone left with a party bag that was full of mini toys, treats, chocolates, candies, and a jelly cup. He had a great time and enjoyed himself! I think it was a huge success.

We also went to McDonald's as a family, because he absolutely loves that place for dinner, and we saw life size Pokemon walking around Darling Harbour as we made our way to McDonald's... That was fun for the boys to see.

I love giving George gifts because he is truly grateful for them, he gets so excited, and it melts my heart. He really makes life enjoyable. I look forward to his birthday and Christmas just to see his reaction. I hope he never grows up and loses his love for life.

The boys love opening mail from all their loved ones and family members who live far away! Thanks to everyone who sends them letters and especially remembers them on their birthdays! They really do appreciate it.

After opening presents, George wanted to get outside and play with play-doh straight away. So I brought out my bedroom lamp and set it all outside on the table on the balcony. All three boys played well together for more than an hour. The play-doh was a huge success.

Normally I spend hours making their birthday cakes, but this year I just let Costco take care of this one and bought both George's and William's cakes there.

George was very excited to have so many friends with him to celebrate his birthday! It was great fun :)

First Row: George, Cooper, Louisa
Second Row: Sam, Annalise, Silki, Elise, Vilma, Haizen
Third Row: Aleigha, Charlese, Evie, Max, Caleb, Jacob, Gregory, little Jake, and Hugh  

Teddy and George

At the end, I put on a movie so we all could have some quiet time at the end of the party. It was nice.

Look at all those birthday cards! What a great birthday George had. I know that he felt loved and celebrated. He deserves this big day, he is such a wonderful son and I love him so much. Happy Birthday George--You're the best!