Monday, November 7, 2016

My Fair Lady at the Sydney Opera House

Friday night, we saw My Fair Lady at the Sydney Opera House. I feel very lucky that we had the opportunity to go, it was an amazing experience, one that I'll remember my entire life. In preparation for this event, I went dress shopping. Stan has told me to go out and buy a nice dress, so I did. The dress shopping was part of the fun. It made me very excited for the whole thing. Stan took his suit and dress shirt to the dry cleaners as well so that he would be fresh for the evening. While we lived in Ireland, Stan had a suit made up for him so his suit was perfect for the occasion. 

After our babysitter arrived we went downstairs outside our apartment and waived down a taxi. I love taxis, and it was fun riding in one as we headed to see My Fair Lady. Eliza Doolittle loves riding in Taxis too, and it made me smile to be in one. There's also something romantic to be all dressed up in fancy clothes and watching your handsome husband hail a taxi for you two. We don't get out on dates much, so it's very fun when we go out together. 

Once we arrived at the Opera House we left the Taxi and went straight into the Opera House. We went up and up all the steps until we were close to the door where our seats we at. Then we found the restaurant inside the Opera House for its guests. It was lovely dinning inside the Opera house, next to the large windows overlooking the water and Sydney Harbour Bridge. As I looked around, we were the only young couple, this also made me laugh. I must be an old soul to want to do things that older generations are doing. 

After our light dinner, we found our seats and a few minutes later the lights went dark and the orchestra began to play its prelude. It featured parts of every song from what would be a lovely performance. It is remarkable how much the orchestra plays a part at the theatre or musicals. Not only do they play beautiful music, but also add in sound effects through out the show. 

I could not help but tap my foot as the music played, laughed at all the funny lines, and sang along as much as I could without disturbing my neighbours. Stan had to remind me to not sing too loudly a time or two, but I just wanted to sing along and I could have quoted the whole thing. I loved seeing this play, because it is a show that I grew up with, a show that I have always loved, and it was truly a dream to be there that night!

After the show was over, we found another taxi and went home to our boys. I didn't want to leave. I would have liked to walk home that night and just sing all the way home. But it was late and we needed to go home, and like all things this night had come to an end. 

Found this beautiful tree  #jacaranda 
as I was out shopping for my, My Fair Lady dress.


  1. You snuck a lot of pics of the play, nice! I am so glad you got to go. It's such a talented cast. Your dress is beautiful and I'm glad you guys had a good night out. I literally danced all the way back to your place after we had seen it. So good.

    1. You were so happy when you got back from the show! It was truly an amazing play 😘