Wednesday, November 23, 2016

William is 3 here in Sydney---Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby boy. I cannot believe he's three! William was born in Ireland and has lived overseas his entire life. He is my little buddy, he still loves to snuggle, gives the best hugs and kisses, and loves everyone and everything! He is always there to lift my spirits, and brings sunshine to my soul! He is a remarkable boy, and has his daddy wrapped around his finger! Happy Birthday William. 

William's birthday was a great day. We celebrated him with a family fun day, and tried to give all our attention to him. We didn't have a formal party with friends, but kept it special and had a lot of family time together. We went to a park, opened up gifts, ate a lot of birthday cake and just played together. We sang to William Happy Birthday so many times that I lost count. I know that William felt loved and special and I hope he had a wonderful third birthday.

William is such an amazing boy. He is kind. He is smart. He loves everyone, and everyone loves him.

This park is awesome, it's one we don't get to often because its a good 45 minute drive from our home. It has some really fun things to do, and a cool water portion but it was too cold to get wet on William's birthday this year. We will be back on a warmer summer day. However, there were many things to do, and the boys had fun together. They basically had the park to themselves.

I think we did well as far as presents are concerned. William just loved everything we gave him this year. He got a new T-Rex, a Tonka truck, sand toys, and a yellow car.

This is a big cake for such a three year old, but I couldn't help myself. William loves dinosaurs and everyone ate cake for the next few days so the celebrating and sugar highs continued!

Love you William Everest Nelson! Hope you had a great day! X

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