Sunday, December 18, 2016

End of School at Nicholson Street

Gregory and George finished their academic year at Nicholson Street Public School. George finished kindergarten and Gregory finished year two. They both had a good time at school this year. They enjoyed progressing academically, learning to read and write better, and especially loved maths. Each of them loved playing soccer on the pitch during their lunchtimes and afternoon break, trading Pokemon cards, and spending time with their friends.

Today we went and took some photos at the school, collected their school work and supplies left in their desks, and school photos that I forgot to pick up.

Nicholson Street Public School, or Nicho has been a wonderful little school for my boys. It was a break from the city, lots of space and playground equipment to keep them entertained. We enjoyed our Ferry rides to and from school, going to the corner store to buy an afternoon treat, and playing at the many parks around the waters edge as we waited for the Ferry to arrive.


Mr. Buenen,  George, and Mrs. O'Neil
Gregory and Mr Chris Pevy-Buenen - Principal - Nicholson Street Public School

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