Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Halloween In Elk Ridge

This year we went trick-or-treating until we all were about to die! It was so fun. We started early in our neighborhood. We were the first ones to hit the streets. William was estatic, he absolutely loved it. My boys really had a fun time together ringing doorbells and getting treats. After about 45 minutes, William was tired and ready for a break. Gregory and George were just getting started and ran into a group of friends. I told them they could go around with their friends and to meet back at the house at 7pm. Stan's mom was with us and it was fun.

I was so proud of Gregory and George, because right at 7pm our doorbell wrang and it was them! I was very impressed and they were so happy that they were able to go around with their friends. We all jumped into the car and headed to my parents house for soup in pumpkin shaped bread bowls, sugar cookies, and of course more trick-or-treating. We went around my parents neighborhood, and even got fresh cotton candy at a neighbors house.

My mom took us over to my grandma's house, my boys call her their GREAT, great-grandma, because she is their great-grandma and she is GREAT! Anyway, after some hugs and laughs we went around her neighborhood as well and honestly by the end of that everyone was ready to be done! They had collected so much candy and had a great night of adventure and thrills. William had regained his entusiasm and joined up for this last neighborhood as well.

Overall we all had fun night out late. It's fun to be a kid again and pretend that candy is the greatest thing anyone could give us. I can remember going out Halloween night with my brother and a couple cousins. We just weaved up and down streets from neighborhood to neiborhood until people stopped answering their doors. We were all probably around 8-10 years old and each of us had a pillow case full of candy by the end of the night. I remember feeling so lucky and free to be up on a school night roaming the streets without parents gathering all sorts of candies and sweets.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Baby #4

Stan and I couldn't be happier to announce our little surprise! So blessed and excited for BABY #4!

I really thought that my family might be complete before this little surprise happened. I had made peace with the fact that I was the mother of three beautiful boys and I felt so incredibly blessed. Life has started to get easier in many ways. The youngest is currently 4 and has been potty trained for a long time. My three sons are so easy and fun, we are at such a great time of life.

The end of summer, our family went down to Vegas to stay a few days in a vacation home with friends and family. We had such a fun weekend. We swam everyday, played games, and had lots of good food and company. I was relieved because I thought maybe my period would start but it didn't and I was grateful that I didn't have to worry about it. When I got home, I was only a few days late, but I thought maybe I would buy a pregnancy test just for fun to see. Over the last four years I have purchased qutie a few becasue I'm irregular so I get curious and test often. This time the test came back positive. I could not believe it. I did not think this was going to happen. I didn't tell anyone, I thought I would most-likely miscarry because of my Crohn's Disease. I just put it on the back burner and focused on normal life and the million of other things that were happening like going back to work, getting the kids back to school, helping Stan start his new business, and trying to settle into a new home and neighborhood. It has been so busy. I kind of convinced myself that I wasn't pregnant at all. 

After this last visit to see the doctor, this has now changed for me. This baby is real. I saw him very clearly during my ultrasound. I saw him spin and flip around as they looked to see the gender. I finally was able to connect to this little guy, and I felt him. I felt his love, his excitement to come into our family. I knew that he was and has always been apart of my eternal family. I cannot wait to meet this sweet spirit, and love him as best as I can as his mother. 

As I was trying to come up with a way to tell the world that I was pregnant and that I was having my fourth baby boy, I found this song. It spoke to me. In some way I feel like I've already held him, seen him smile, heard his cry, and he has already changed me. "The things that used to matter, they don't matter to me... I could never count all the ways you change me baby!" 

"When I hold you in my arms love, something changes it’s the strangest feeling the things that used to matter they don’t matter to me. When I see you and your smiling how my heart aches, so full it’s about to break, you make me believe in love. I could never count all the ways that you change me baby, every day the sky is a deeper shade of blue when I’m with you! When I hear you and you’re crying it resonates dear and the place I didn’t know was there, you make me believe in love. I could never count all the ways you change me baby, every day the sky is a deeper shade of blue when I’m with you!"

I truly believe in eternal families. I believe that this little boy is coming because this is apart of God's plan for us. I don't wish he was anyone else than himself. I am honored and thrilled to become a mother of four boys.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Park City was a great escape for our family this Fall. We needed to get away from everyday life, and this mountain resort did the trick. It was off season, so we had the place to ourselves, the resort had fun activities for the kids to participate in like making caramel apples, diving in whipped cream with their faces for gummy bears, pina coladas... they had a in-house movie theatre, pool tables, ping pong, chess, foolsball etc. We spent hours just playing games together and that was the best part.

The resort also had several heated pools. 6 smaller pools all different temps, some hot tubs and some warm tubs which I enjoyed. Then the large pool was heated as well. It was a bit cool, but once you got swimming it was nice.

Stan and I got to hangout together too. Once night, the boys all fell asleep early, probably due to all the swimming, and we watched the entire season 1 of Stranger Things. It was very scary, the perfect series to watch right before Halloween. We finished around 2am and I couldn't sleep and woke up at 6 am to that monster chasing me. After that I got out of bed, took a hot shower, and couldn't get back to bed. It will be a while before I dare begin season 2.

One day we left the resort and drove up to the tops of the mountains and spent the day hiking. We made our way to a lake that was half frozen over. It was picturesque and the perfect place to sit down and have our lunch. I was super impressed with William. He was determined to walk, and he made it down to the lake without being held or carried both ways. There's something truly wonderful about being up in the mountains and just enjoying the beauty, fresh air, and being away from normal life.

We made some great memories up in Park City this year. I can't wait until we can get back there again!

On our way home from Park City, we drove into Salt Lake. We stopped off at Temple Square and spent a few hours walking around, seeing a movie, and taking pictures of the temple. I love Temple Square.



Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pumpkin Patch

We wanted to get some punpkins for Halloween and we live out in the country so we have many farms and pumpkin patches to choose from. It was funny because when we pulled up to this one just a few mins from home, it was the same pumpkin patch that I had been to before about five or six years ago before we had moved overseas. 

It’s a cute farm, we were the only ones there, and it was a great way to spend our FHE. 

Next week we will carve our pumpkins and be ready for trick-or-treaters!

Here’s a link to the blog post when we first came to this pumpkin patch. William wasn’t born yet and Gregory and George were so small. http://stanbrookenelson.blogspot.com/2011/10/?m=1