Sunday, January 1, 2017

Another Aussie Christmas 2016

Christmas was our fourth overseas. It's remarkable to me how time has flown by. It was simple, but lovely. Christmas Eve I fell asleep with the boys in their room, and woke up around 2 am. Stan and I were going to wrap all the gifts together once the boys were sleeping, but we both fell asleep and at 2 am I was wide awake and didn't want to bother Stan. So the wrapping began. I wrapped until about 3 am and then found out that I had run out of wrapping paper but still had a few gifts to go. I grabbed my purse and ran down to the corner store next to our apartment and crazy enough they were still open. I guess they never close, day or night even on Christmas Eve. They had some wrapping paper so I was in luck. So I get back to the apartment and it's super late and I'm getting tired but I finish wrapping all the gifts and I must have done so in slow motion because the next time I looked at the clock it was 4:30 am. I had a roast in the fridge so I thought I might as well get it into the crock pot because after we opened gifts Christmas morning we were going to attend church. This year Christmas was on Sunday, and Stan was going to be apart of our friend's baby blessing. So I managed to crawl into bed after that and at 6 am, which gave me just over an hour of sleep, George was up and he was sooo excited because Santa had come! It was all very exciting and wonderful and fun to be with my little family Christmas morning with so much happiness and love. 

Stan and I had decided not to exchange gifts this year, not a good idea. I had purchased him a card, some chocolate, and cookies... just something that he could unwrap on Christmas morning. What I didn't realise is that he didn't want me spending any money on him, so that he could completely splurge on me. He had wrapped up a huge surprise for me, an apple watch and cordless, Bluetooth headphones to run with. He asked if he could have my fitbit blaze in return and is going to purchase a band to go with. It was fun being spoiled, but I'm always buying Stan a gift for now on!

Near our home, there's an office that puts up this huge Christmas tree, and I make the boys stand near it as I take their photo every year. Ho ho ho! 

This is the Christmas tree that Sydney puts up in Darling Harbour right behind our home.

It's still strange having Christmas with 100 degree weather and palm trees everywhere.

Here I am coming up the elevator with a lot of our Christmas this year! I really had a fun night shopping. Stan went out a few days before me and did an excellent job with Gregory and George. I finished up with the stocking stuffers, all of William's gifts, and just the last bits and pieces.

William's Christmas had a theme... Little People. He loves playing with this set and it's nice having quality toys that last and go together with previous purchases. However, what William loved more than anything was his Toy Story doll, Woody. He absolutely loves him, and walks around the house playing with him. I spied on him a couple days ago, and he was giving Woody a hug and said aloud, "I love you!" It's cute. He sometimes refers to him as Buzz, which is also adorable.

Christmas we ate on the balcony. Here's the boys testing out the grape juice in the wine glasses. We had fun pretending to be fancy!

Merry Christmas 2016!


  1. Their Pikachu suits are so cute. Cosette got a Pikachu for Christmas too. Pokemon forever. Merry Christmas!

    1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Christine 🎉 #pokemonforever

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