Monday, September 4, 2017

FHE Tin Foil Dinners

We met up with friends and had FHE up the canyon. We built a fire, cooked tin foil dinners, roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. The kids climbed up a steep trail, played frisbee, ate a lot of marshmallows, and we all got really dirty. There was so much dirt and soot from fires built all summer long. 

It felt good to go up Provo Canyon and spend an evening with friends. We camped at Big Springs, one of my favorite places to hangout during my high school and university days. Stan and I went star gazing near there for a date before we married, we have hiked, played night games, built fires and snow caves, and went snow shoeing all around this canyon. I have hundreds of happy memories here.

William loved it. All my boys love playing with fire. 

Gregory and George climbed over a barbed-wire fence and went straight to the top of the steep mountainside. They had to slide down because it was so steep, and they didn't like coming down backwards.

Observe how dirty George is as he runs back from his adventure up the mountain. His hands and clothes are covered in mountain dirt.

Gregory is a great kid. He has fun with his younger brothers and friends. He is a good sport and has fun even when there aren't kids his own age to play with. He leads the group and he is very fun and kind to all the younger kids.

Stan had fun chopping wood and building a good fire for our group.

Tin foil dinners cooking in the fire.

I was just sitting and enjoying the evening and just couldn't get enough of the beauty around me so I took a photo to remember it by.

George found this piece of wood that looked like a crown. King George!! In Sydney, there was one street named George and another named King. We often used these streets and at the crossroad of King Street and George Street we would joke and tell George this was his crossroad. King George! He loved it, and still talks about it all the time.

I wore sandals and had to document how dirty I got even though I tried to stay clean. We all had to take showers after this FHE before climbing into bed that night.

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