Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Halloween In Elk Ridge

This year we went trick-or-treating until we all were about to die! It was so fun. We started early in our neighborhood. We were the first ones to hit the streets. William was estatic, he absolutely loved it. My boys really had a fun time together ringing doorbells and getting treats. After about 45 minutes, William was tired and ready for a break. Gregory and George were just getting started and ran into a group of friends. I told them they could go around with their friends and to meet back at the house at 7pm. Stan's mom was with us and it was fun.

I was so proud of Gregory and George, because right at 7pm our doorbell wrang and it was them! I was very impressed and they were so happy that they were able to go around with their friends. We all jumped into the car and headed to my parents house for soup in pumpkin shaped bread bowls, sugar cookies, and of course more trick-or-treating. We went around my parents neighborhood, and even got fresh cotton candy at a neighbors house.

My mom took us over to my grandma's house, my boys call her their GREAT, great-grandma, because she is their great-grandma and she is GREAT! Anyway, after some hugs and laughs we went around her neighborhood as well and honestly by the end of that everyone was ready to be done! They had collected so much candy and had a great night of adventure and thrills. William had regained his entusiasm and joined up for this last neighborhood as well.

Overall we all had fun night out late. It's fun to be a kid again and pretend that candy is the greatest thing anyone could give us. I can remember going out Halloween night with my brother and a couple cousins. We just weaved up and down streets from neighborhood to neiborhood until people stopped answering their doors. We were all probably around 8-10 years old and each of us had a pillow case full of candy by the end of the night. I remember feeling so lucky and free to be up on a school night roaming the streets without parents gathering all sorts of candies and sweets.

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