Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Park City was a great escape for our family this Fall. We needed to get away from everyday life, and this mountain resort did the trick. It was off season, so we had the place to ourselves, the resort had fun activities for the kids to participate in like making caramel apples, diving in whipped cream with their faces for gummy bears, pina coladas... they had a in-house movie theatre, pool tables, ping pong, chess, foolsball etc. We spent hours just playing games together and that was the best part.

The resort also had several heated pools. 6 smaller pools all different temps, some hot tubs and some warm tubs which I enjoyed. Then the large pool was heated as well. It was a bit cool, but once you got swimming it was nice.

Stan and I got to hangout together too. Once night, the boys all fell asleep early, probably due to all the swimming, and we watched the entire season 1 of Stranger Things. It was very scary, the perfect series to watch right before Halloween. We finished around 2am and I couldn't sleep and woke up at 6 am to that monster chasing me. After that I got out of bed, took a hot shower, and couldn't get back to bed. It will be a while before I dare begin season 2.

One day we left the resort and drove up to the tops of the mountains and spent the day hiking. We made our way to a lake that was half frozen over. It was picturesque and the perfect place to sit down and have our lunch. I was super impressed with William. He was determined to walk, and he made it down to the lake without being held or carried both ways. There's something truly wonderful about being up in the mountains and just enjoying the beauty, fresh air, and being away from normal life.

We made some great memories up in Park City this year. I can't wait until we can get back there again!

On our way home from Park City, we drove into Salt Lake. We stopped off at Temple Square and spent a few hours walking around, seeing a movie, and taking pictures of the temple. I love Temple Square.



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