Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ty Baby 1 Month Old

This first month always goes by too quickly. This baby is so precious just as the others have been. I have spent many hours sitting in my rocking chair snuggling my little precious Ty baby. I love him so much, words just cannot express how much I love him. He is truly a gift from God, and I believe that he has been apart of my family for forever. I'm so grateful that Tiberius has joined our family, and I hope that Stan and I will be the best parents we can be to him and to our other boys. How blessed I am to be the mother of FOUR gorgeous boys! I've always been a bit boy crazy, so it makes sense that I would be given boys! A friend from Ireland messaged me the other day and said that it was my calling in life to be surrounded by beautiful men. This made me smile. I am surrounded by beautiful men, from Stan on down to baby Ty. I'm one lucky lady!

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