Sunday, June 10, 2018

Stuart Falls

Stuart Falls has been a a trail that I’ve hiked over and over again during my teens and early twenties. However, the last ten years I haven’t been around and so it’s has been on my summer bucket list to hike. It’s nice not being pregnant and having more freedom to go and do more.

I wouldn’t been able to hike Stuart Falls without the help of my brother and sister. With an infant just over a month old and three other young boys, I needed a couple extra eyes. So when my sister came up from Vegas to visit, we decided to go. Maggie, her son Everest, Edward, my four boys and I had an amazing afternoon up in the gorgeous Utah mountains. I’ve lived all over the world and nothing compares to the beauty that I grew up with in my own backyard. Utah is a beautiful place to live in. The pines and aspens trees were breathtaking and it made me feel happy to be home. I was super proud of my kids, they ended up walking the entire way on their own. William, my four year old, despite falling a few times and a bloody nose lead the group and kept us walking fast. 

It’s been fun having my sister here. We were able to spend some time together. We had a bbq at her in-laws and my boys were able to swim for hours at their pool, went shopping until midnight and got some cute new things, had dinner at my house and enjoyed an evening together, played at the park and went on long walks around my home in Elk Ridge. 

It’s been a good couple weeks of summer! June has been great so far.

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  1. I love that hike. Glad you had a great time with Maggie. Wish we could do some of that more often.